UPVC Heavy Duty Solvent Cement

MAXWELD 300 UPVC Cement 

MAXWELD 300 UPVC is a medium bodied, heavy duty, industrial grade, low VOC clear emission, medium setting, high strength cement for all classes and schedules of UPVC pipe and fittings with interference fit through 6 inch diameter and schedule 40 through 4 inch diameter . It can be used without primer on non pressure systems if local codes permit.

Advantages of MAXWELD 300 UPVC Cement-
  • Medium bodied solvent cement
  • High strength solvent cement for UPVC pipes and fittings
  • Medium setting solvent cement
  • Good gap filling properties
  • Low VOC emission solvent
  • Shelf life of 2 years in tight sealed packing
 Application Areas-
  • Formulated for use on all types of UPVC plastic pipe applications
  • Solvent cement for UPVC plastic pipes of Type I & Type II
  • Formulated for use in potable, drain, sewer, irrigation, conduit, turf and vent applications
  • Residential / Commercial, mobile homes and industrial piping systems
Direction for Use-

Detailed direction on usage and making solvent cemented joints are printed on the container label. It is highly recommended that installer review the instructions supplied by the pipe and fitting manufacturer.

 Packing Available-

Supplied in 50 mL, 118 mL and 237 mL packing

Note- MULTIPROOF solvent cement products must never be used in a UPVC systems using or being tested by compressed air or gases; including air-over-water booster.