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Interlocking Paver Block Hardner


MULTIHARD 122 is based on processed PC and additives which is supplied as white translucent liquid easily dispersible in water. MULTIHARD 122 increases the workability of concrete by reducing the water content thereby resulting in an impermeable and strong precast concrete mix for pavers.

Advantages of MULTIHARD 122-
  • Reducing setting time and water up to 15-25%
  • Increase durability of paver
  • Reduces permeability through the depth of concrete mix
  • Provides a better surface finish for pavers
  • Reduces the cracks and bleeding
  • Reduces cement content maintaining the strength of paver intact
Application Areas-
  • Used in manufacturing of rubber mold paver blocks
  • Applied in manufacturing of concrete and brick paver blocks
  • Formulated for use in manufacturing of any grade and quality of paver blocks
Direction for Use-

MULTIHARD 122 should be added with the measured gauge water. It should not be added directly to the dry cement. Shake well before use.


300 mg  to 500 mg per 50 KG bag of Cement depending upon the temperature and weather conditions.

Packing Available-

Supplied in 50 KG and 250 KG packing